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Getting Down To Business

Our Members

Our members come from all across the Armor and Cavalry community which includes the backbone of the armored force, our turret and hull mechanics. We also have associate/sponsored members and our Gold Star family members.

Community Based, Community Focused

We live in the communities that we support. We belong to the local American Legion and VFW. Some of us continue to serve on Active Duty or in Reserve and National Guard units. This gives us the unique ability to connect with Veterans and Veteran families that may need support or a thank you for their service. It also helps USABOT find monuments or display tanks and armored vehicles to recognize or help maintain as part of our mission to preserve our Armor heritage. For more information feel free to contact us.

How We Do It

Social media has become a prime communication tool for USABOT. We use it to check in on our Brothers, organize battalion and company gatherings and events, to coordinate restoration projects and deployed unit support efforts. Social media is available on a wide variety of devices which makes it widely available for our members and keeps everyone informed. As a non-profit, all of our funds are from paid members and donations. If you served as a Tanker or Tank Mechanic, consider joining USABOT as a paid member and help us presrve the Armor legacy. Click “PX” to join or donate.