Armor and Cavalry Units of the US Army

USABOT members are compiling a comprehensive listing of US Army Armor and Cavalry units. While there are many sources on the web to obtain unit information our listing provides a unique feature. Our members have served in most of these units of the past 50 plus years, some serve in them today. If the information you are looking for is not presented here, our membership with our first hand knowledge should be able to provide you what you need to satisfy your needs.


This is a work in progress so check back often, new information and units will be added regularly.



Armor Units

32 Ar

32nd Armor


33 Ar

33rd Armor


34 Ar

34th Armor


35 Ar

35th Armor


37 Ar

37th Armor


49th Armor

40th Armor


63 Ar

48th Armor


64 Ar

64th Armor


53 Ar

53rd Armor


63 Ar

63rd Armor


66 Ar

66th Armor


67 Ar

67th Armor


68 Ar

68th Armor


69 Ar

69th Armor


70 Ar

70th Armor


72 Ar

72nd Armor


73 Ar

73rd Armor & Cavalry


77 Ar

77th Armor


102 Armor

102nd Armor


103 Armor

103rd Armor


34 Ar

108th Armor


112 Armor

112th Armor


115 Armor

115th Armor


123 Armor

123rd Armor


126 Armor

126th Armor


145th Armor

145th Armor


149 Armor

149th Armor


123 Armor

185th Armor


126 Armor

198th Armor


205th Armor

205th Armor


208th Armor

208th Armor


210th Armor

210th Armor


245th Armor

245th Armor


246th Armor

246th Armor


252nd Armor

252nd Armor


263rd Armor

263rd Armor


303rd Armor

303rd Armor


632nd Armor

632nd Armor


635th Armor

635th Armor


803rd Armor

803rd Armor


126 Armor

198th Armor


205th Armor

205th Armor


208th Armor

208th Armor


210th Armor

210th Armor



Cavalry Units

1st CAV

1st Cavalry


2nd CAV

2nd Cavalry


3d CAV 

3d Cavalry


4th CAV 

4th Cavalry


5th CAV

5th Cavalry


6th CAV

6th Cavalry



7th Cavalry


8th CAV 

8th Cavalry


9th CAV

9th Cavalry


10th CAV

10th Cavalry


11th CAV 

11th Cavalry


12th CAV 

12th Cavalry


14th CAV

14th Cavalry


15th CAV

15th Cavalry


16th CAV 

16th Cavalry


18th CAV 

18th Cavalry


 26th CAV

26th Cavalry


 31st CAV

31st Cavalry


 61st CAV

61st Cavalry


71st CAV 

71st Cavalry


82nd CAV 

82nd Cavalry


 108th CAV

108th Cavalry


 116th cav

116th Cavalry


 172nd CAV

172nd Cavalry


180th CAV 

180th Cavalry


183rd CAV 

183rd Cavalry


 202nd CAV

202nd Cavalry


279th CAV 

279th Cavalry


299th CAV

299th Cavalry










Armor and Cavalry Units

Welcome to the world of Armor and Cavalry where you will find out more about the history of Army and Cavalry units within the US Army.

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