Current Projects

USABOT's list of current projects, clients, and activities.


Website Renovation -

USABOT is working to renovate and expand this website to better accomplish our Mission of preserving and publicizing the history of the United States Army Armored Forces. This project is ongoing and progress can be seen by returning to the site often. If you have suggestions, please contact us at


Local Battalion Formations -

Several local USABOT Battalions are in the process of being organized. Battalions are the local units on the ground for USABOT. Units are currently being formed in the Pacific North West, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Greater Washington D.C, and Germany with many more to come!



Armor and Cavalry Units

Welcome to the world of Armor and Cavalry where you will find out more about the history of Army and Cavalry units within the US Army.

Tanks - Past and Present

Explore our tank library which is an ongoing development effort by our members to document tanks and armored vehicles from the past as well as current tank models.

The Master Gunner

The Master Gunner is the tank unit's expert in all tank maintenance and gunnery matters. They receive specialized training and are assigned within each tank company.