Text Box: Saturday Proposed Timeline 
0900-1100 – Tours 
1100-1300 – Lunch 
1300-1630 – Tours 
1630-1730 – Retreat (rehearsal, Retreat & photo opportunity) 
1730-1900 – Free time 
1900-2200 – Dinner/Social Hour 
Text Box: Mount Up & Ride To The Sounds Of The Brotherhood.
Come & Enjoy Food, Drinks, Camaraderie & Tall Tales.
Stand On The Grounds That Patton & Other Tankers & Tank Mechanics, Including Yourself, Once Stood.
Come & Relive Your Memories Of The Proud Home Of Armor & Cavalry, Fort Knox Kentucky.
For The New Generation Of Fort Benning Tankers & Mechanics, Join Us.. Meet Your Living Armor History.
See Where Past Tankers & Mechanics Were Made Of Blood & Guts, Fire & Steel.
Meet Your Lineage, Talk, Interact With Them. Share Your Knowledge Of Current Armor Vehicles & Technology!
You are The Future Leaders & Guardians of USABOT!!
Text Box: Friday – Arrivals and Meet and Greet.  
Friday Night – 1900 Meeting in Conference Hall. National/Battalions opportunity to brief Members. 
2030 – Auction 
Vendor tables set up by 1800 thru close. 
Saturday – Meet 0830 in conference room for briefing and chalk break out.  
Saturday Night – Dinner 1900 with Social Hour after. Dinner catered. Vendors can have tables set up during dinner and social hour.   
Sunday – Knob Creek Gun Range/Free Time/ Departures. This is another day for freedom of maneuver amongst the members. Again battalions or groups can get together and see things not on the agenda and hang out. 
Text Box: 3rd Annual Tanker Homecoming October 17-19, 2014
Text Box: From the Commanders Hatch
Jim Benham,  USABOT National Commander
Text Box: Greetings Brothers!
USABOT is growing and our future is bright! Our mission is great, our goals are pure and our cause is just. Dedicated volunteers are working behind the scenes to establish our charter in Kentucky, update our by-laws, firming up our status as a non-profit veteran’s organization, and establishing a solid base for USABOT. Eleven field battalions have been formed or in Text Box: the process of forming, and several have had outstanding ground events. Several display tank “spruce ups” have been completed and more are in the planning stages. Our public page is visited by thousands every day. USABOT has reached out to help our brothers in crisis, and by our very presence they know they are not alone. Text Box: Each and every brother is special. In a very short period of time USABOT has touched many thousands of tankers and tank mechanics, and we will touch many more thousands. USABOT needs our brothers, and our brothers surely need USABOT! 

Fall 2014

Volume 1, Issue 1

USABOT Tank Trails

Special points of interest:

· 3rd Annual Tanker Homecoming

· From the  Commander’s Hatch


3rd Annual Tankers Homecoming


Our Place In Time


Buckeye Bn.

Tank Rescue


Southern Bn.

Newest Battalion


From the Gunner’s Station


West Coast Bn. Gunnery


South East Bn.

 Museum Visit


From the Supply Room






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