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The primary mission of the master gunner is to aid and assist commanders at all echelons in the planning, development, execution, and evaluation of all crew-served weapons related training (individual, crew, and collective).


The master gunner's specific duties are directed by the commander. Examples of his duties are:

  •   -- Develop or conduct training and certification of crew evaluators.

  •   -- Assist all elements within the unit concerning gunnery training.

  •   -- Forecast all ammunition for training.

  •   -- Manage gunnery records, GST records, and turbulence rosters.

  •   -- Coordinate and control training devices.

  •   -- Train crews on MILES gunnery peculiarities (zeroing and maintenance).

  •   -- Execute gunnery training.

  •   -- Supervise live-fire ranges to ensure all standards are followed; specifically--
          - Confirm screening and zero techniques.
          - Coordinate target arrays, exposure times for all targets, and maneuver box verification.
          - Set up all ranges to make sure they meet the standards set forth in this manual.

  •   -- Set up and conduct GST training, and evaluate the results.

  •   -- Advise the commander of the tactical capabilities of all weapons and weapon systems.

The master gunner's main responsibilities are listed above, but may change in scope, depending on the level that he is assigned. The master gunner should not be assigned additional duties other than those listed here. Unit gunnery training programs need a great deal of attention to be effective.

The specific duties of the master gunner are listed in the table below.



Regimental/Brigade Master Gunner

Works closely with the master gunners at lower echelons to ensure standards are uniform throughout the training programs.
Develops the crew evaluator certification program.
Provides any new information on ways to improve training.
Helps develop and upgrade range facilities.

Squadron/Battalion Master Gunner

Ensures continual education of the master gunners in the squadron/battalion.
Helps the squadron/battalion commander and command sergeant major select master gunner school candidates.
Develops new training techniques to improve crew training.
Coordinates with the regiment/battalion for training assets.
Certifies crew evaluators.
Certifies range safety personnel.

Master Gunner

Coordinates with the squadron/battalion S3 to secure troop/company gunnery training assets.
Trains crew evaluator.
Assists in troubleshooting and maintenance of weapons.


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