We Are US Army Tankers - Brothers in Arms!


We’ve served in Mark IV tanks to the latest version of the M1 Abrams, M88a1 Hercules, and Stryker MGS and everything in between. We have fought World War I, World War II, Korea, Lebanon, Vietnam, The Cold War, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  In the fire of our common experience and hammered by loss of our fellow Tankers and of our own health we have forged a true Brotherhood!


USABOT (pronounced “you-say-bo”) is the very embodiment of the Tanker Brotherhood.  We take care of our own.  We remember  and share our experiences and knowledge.  We seek to capture and preserve our History and Heritage.  We revere and honor those who have given so much in service of our country.  We seek to inform the general public about US Army Tanker Heritage and its important place in History.  Above all, we remain TANKERS!


Tankers — those dirty, greasy professional soldiers who train and fight in crews of four or five but all of one mind.  We fight hard, we play hard.  What we lack in polish we make up for with steel on target. 

We are The USA Brotherhood of Tankers!


Link to the 3rd Annual Tanker Homecoming.


USABOT Video, Evolution of USABOT Design


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November 30, 2013


USABOT Members support third-annual Feed Our Heroes Dinner. more.

May 7-11, 2012


The Army held the first Sullivan Cup at the Maneuver Center of Excellence. Tank Crews from across the Army gathered to test their skills and find out who would come out on top. more.

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The Master Gunner

The Master Gunner is the tank unit's expert in all tank maintenance and gunnery matters. They receive specialized training and are assigned within each tank company.