Armor Photo Gallery

A collection of Armor and related photo galleries.


And There I was

A collection of photos that are from the individual contributor perspective. This includes Basic/AIT/OSUT Group Photos, Unit Photos, individual Photos, GI Art, Tank Ooops Photos, Operations photos and other events.


Display Tanks

A collection of Display Tank Photos listed by States. There is also some tanks that are being restored and photos of the restoration process.



A large collection of Tank Photos by Model, Foreign Armor by Country.


Assorted Tanker Gear

A collection of photos of all types of equipment associated with Tanks and Tank Crewman


USABOT Meetings

Collection of photos from National and Battalion Meeting conducted across the country


USABOT in Action

Collection of Photos with USABOT Members conducting Outreach Programs to the Communities


Theater of Operations

Collection of photos from WWI to present day portraying different areas that United States Armor has served




Armor and Cavalry Units

Welcome to the world of Armor and Cavalry where you will find out more about the history of Army and Cavalry units within the US Army.

Tanks - Past and Present

Explore our tank library which is an ongoing development effort by our members to document tanks and armored vehicles from the past as well as current tank models.

The Master Gunner

The Master Gunner is the tank unit's expert in all tank maintenance and gunnery matters. They receive specialized training and are assigned within each tank company.